Nourish Retreat

A weekend of Nurture and Care

Nourish Retreat


A weekend of Nurture and Care

“You are worth the quiet moment
You are worth the deeper breath
You are worth the time it takes to
slow down, be still, and rest” 
Morgan Flores

You are lovingly invited to join Claire and Kerry on a retreat designed for you to restore, replenish and repair.

From soothing practices, to nourishing food, to nurturing care, we will be dedicated to looking after you.  Our intention is that you set aside any burdens you are carrying and let yourself be held.  Permission to pause and soften is granted.  This is your time to release, receive and rest.

“Sometimes the best solution is to
rest, relax, and recharge.
It’s hard to be your best on empty.”
Sam Glenn

The last couple of years have brought a type of stress and uncertainty that we’ve never experienced before.  Our minds, bodies and hearts have been impacted and it feels more important than ever that we give ourselves the opportunity to receive tender care.

It’s for this reason that Claire Tait – Yoga Teacher, Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner and Kerry Solomon – Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Circle Facilitator, have devised a retreat centred on nourishing you.

Combining not only their experience and expertise, but also their loving energy, Kerry and Claire will create the space for you to detangle from all that’s weighing you down.  The weekend will comprise of gentle movement practices, nurturing workshops, heart-healing circles, wholesome food and the time and freedom to think, feel breathe and be.  You will emerge feeling grounded, calm, replenished and restored.

Sage Manor

Yoga retreat Claire Tait Kinesiologist

Our weekend of nurture and care will take place on a gorgeous luxury homestead set in peaceful and picturesque surroundings.  To support your deep relaxation,  we have the most wonderful chef to prepare the most delicious food.  All sessions offered will be calming and balancing for your nervous system.

From the moment you arrive you’ll be invited to destress and decompress, to set aside your responsibilities, release the roles that you play and relish in being cared for.

If you answer Yes to any of these, this retreat will benefit you:

* Your body, mind and heart have taken strain over the last few years

* You’re in need of a hiatus from the mental and domestic load you’re constantly juggling

* You would love to be looked after, instead of doing the looking after

*  You’re tired and craving a break from your usual obligations

* The thought of someone preparing delicious food for you for an entire weekend sounds blissful

* Being held in a safe, welcoming, loving environment is just what you need

* You haven’t put yourself first for awhile and you’re feeling depleted

* You’re ready to gift yourself a weekend of deep replenishment

Every aspect of this journey has been thoughtfully crafted by
Kerry and Claire to allow you to unwind and unburden,
be nourished and nurtured
rest and restore

The Itinerary

arrive & settle 2.00pm
afternoon tea
opening circle
yin yoga & yoga nidra meditation

gentle yoga
wellness session with Claire
creative session
restorative yoga & healing reiki

gentle yoga
wellness session with Kerry
closing circle
departure 3.00pm

Between each of our activities there will be free time for you to read, rest,
take walks, drink tea, connect with others or chat to Kerry and Claire.
Our desire is that you feel a sense of spaciousness within the container of being held.

The Sessions

Wellness Session

These two specialised sessions have been designed to equip you with accessible ways you can support your well-being.  In them, Kerry and Claire bring their expertise and experience as Life Coach and Kinesiologist respectively to provide you with information, inspiration and ideas on implementation.  Their aim is that you expand your toolbox and leave these sessions feeling empowered. 


Creative Session

Creativity and play is an important part of living a content life.  This fun workshop is designed to feel light and joy-filled and will boost our sense of community and connection with one another.

Your Facilitators

Claire Tait

We all have many titles and hats that we wear but the main ones with regards my current work are Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and EFT Practitioner. Outside of these I love to spend time with my family and friends, enjoying great food and wine, yoga, a good gym session and being outside in nature.  I have a deep appreciation for all these simple things. My soul lights up with acts of kindness and compassion, and I try to live in gratitude every single day.

Kinesiologist / Chakras / Spiritual Energy / Natural Therapy / Kinesiology / Claire Tait / North Sydney

Kerry Solomon

My passion and purpose is supporting women in knowing how worthy and wise they are.  My work as a coach, circle facilitator and yoga teacher is centred around helping people build their self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-belief so that they can live in a way that is authentic, aligned and joy-filled.  I love deep and meaningful conversations, pyjama days, time at my neighbourhood lake sitting under the trees, Netflix binges and coffee!

The Yoga

Each of the movement practices have been thoughtfully designed to weave in, compliment and embody the retreat’s theme.
All levels of experience and ability will be catered for.  Yoga props will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if preferred.

Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

In this session Claire will guide you through a wonderfully nourishing floor based practice that works with 3 principles – moving into the pose to a depth that feels good, stillness and holding the pose.  This will create the space for softening and releasing across your body, mind and breath, and will signal to your nervous systems that it’s safe to move into “rest and digest”.  This sublime session will conclude with Kerry taking you through a Yoga Nidra Meditation, which will encourage a dreamy state of restfulness. 

Restorative Yoga and Reiki

This session will open you up to experiencing new levels of ease, healing and peace.  Kerry will guide you into restful poses using blankets and bolsters to ensure a complete sense of comfort.   As you drop into stillness and serenity, Claire will administer Reiki to the group.  This ancient Tibetan healing modality is a wonderful energetic tonic for stress relief, emotional release, increased awareness and creativity, clearing toxins, relieving pain, stimulating your immune system and accelerated natural healing.  You will float off your mat in a bubble of warmth and tranquility.

Gentle Flow

The morning yoga practices have been designed to suit all levels of ability and experience, and will set you up for the day feeling both anchored and elevated. 

The Circles

Our circles will be a soft place to land.  You’ll be held lovingly by Claire and Kerry with the invitation to come as you are, let go of what’s weighing you down and be wrapped in our genuine care.  We’ll enjoy meaningful conversation and cup-filling connection within these heart-opening gatherings. 

The Venue

Our cocoon for the weekend is Sage Manor Bowral, a gorgeous property set in a private leafy enclave at the base of mount Gibraltar.  The spacious, beautifully appointed house has a classic, charming feel whilst maintaining a relaxed, warm and welcoming atmosphere.  The stunning established gardens are filled with trees, numerous seating areas and paths to explore.  

The 6 bedroom house has a variety of share options and has been thoughtfully designed to ensure you have a comfortable and relaxing stay.   Each bedroom has hotel premium quality beds.  Luxury linen and towelling will be provided for you.   

Whether you’re enjoying a session in the divine conservatory, exploring the picturesque gardens, gathering around the communal dining table or simply cosying up on one of the decks with a cup of tea, you’ll find many spaces on this beautiful homestead where you can access tranquility.

The Food

Claire and Kerry understand and appreciate the importance of delicious and nourishing food and the element of nurturing it brings.  They have put a lot of care and effort into finding an incredible chef who will come in daily and prepare seasonal and sensational plant based meals.  This element of the retreat will add the most wonderful layer to the overall feeling of being looked after.  If you have any specific dietary requirements they will be catered for.

One lounge
Yoga Space
Food example
Bedroom example
Food example
Example of bathroom

This weekend has been lovingly designed to offer you all the pleasures of a great retreat – delicious food, nourishing practices, beautiful accommodation and peaceful surroundings.  On top of these wonderful delights, Claire and Kerry bring decades of experience and a harmonious blend of healing modalities to ensure that you are held in the most gentle and nurturing of ways.  With numbers limited, you will receive personal attention, guidance, support and care throughout this special weekend.

The Details

 Dates   14 – 16 April 2023
Venue  Sage Manor Bowral
7 Ellen St, Bowral NSW 2576
Accommodation Shared
Pricing  $1 197 per person sharing

Limited spaces to ensure personalised care

Your retreat will include:

~ 3 days and 2 nights gorgeous accommodation
~ 6 freshly prepared delicious plant based meals
~ a selection of teas and snacks
~ luxury bedding and towelling
~ an opening and closing circle for connection and community
~ 4 yoga practices to soothe, centre and calm
~ 3 workshops designed to nourish and nurture
~ reiki for balance and healing
~ yoga nidra meditation for relaxation and peace
~ a high level of personalised care from Claire and Kerry


Are you ready to gift yourself a weekend of deep replenishment?

Kerry and I would be delighted to have you join us for this very special retreat.
Click below to secure your place.