Nourishing You Retreat

4 Days to just Be

Nourishing You Retreat


4 Days to just Be

You are lovingly invited by seasoned Retreat Facilitators Claire and Kerry to join them for a four day, three night deeply nourishing experience where their sole focus will be your rest and replenishment.

This thoughtfully designed extended weekend will take place in an exquisite manor nestled amidst serene nature. With practices to soothe your nervous system, nourishing meals prepared for you and time to truly relax, it will be the breathing space you crave.

This is an invitation to step away from your daily responsibilities, to pause and soften. It is your time to rest and receive.


“Self Care is how you take your power back

I  have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent

Caring for myself is an act of survival

Lalah Delia

We see the way you care for others and all that you carry. How you navigate and juggle the demands of everyday life. We know that amongst the many commitments that you have and the roles that you hold it can be challenging to prioritise your well-being. Self-care often comes last on your list. 

If you’re craving the opportunity for some time to yourself whilst being nurtured and cared for, this retreat is for you. You’ll get to unwind in luxurious accommodation, savour delicious food, lean into the various offerings as much or as little as you desire and allow the healing energy of the environment to restore your body, mind and soul.

Bringing over 55 years of combined experience and qualifications in an extensive range of modalities, Kerry and I will compassionately hold the space for you to untangle from all that’s weighing you down. The weekend will comprise of grounding movement practices, inspirational workshops, healing Reiki, a sublime sound bath, heart-connecting circles and many other special touches. There’ll also be plenty of white space where you’ll have the freedom to explore the property, nap, read, breathe and be.

If you relate to any of the following, Nourishing You Retreat will be a soothing balm:

• You’re finding the mental and domestic load exhausting and you need a break

• You’re feeling disconnected from yourself and would love the opportunity to come back to your centre

• A few days of being looked after and not having to think about anybody else’s needs sounds blissful 

• You know how uplifting and cup-filling it is to be in the company of like-minded women

• You’re in need of a reset and would greatly benefit from spending a few days focused on your well-being 

• You’d deeply appreciate some time surrounded by nature in a beautiful environment away from your daily responsibilities 

• The idea of relishing mouth-watering food expertly made by someone else for an extended weekend feels heavenly

• Being held in a nurturing, loving environment is just the tending to and tenderness you need

• Your mind is cluttered and you’re craving some space to let everything go and just breathe and be 

• You feel depleted and you’re ready to gift yourself a weekend of deep replenishment


Every aspect of this journey has been thoughtfully crafted by Claire and Kerry to allow you to unwind and unburden, be nourished and nurtured, rest and restore.

The Itinerary

arrive & settle 4.00pm
afternoon tea
opening circle
yin yoga & yoga nidra meditation

gentle flow yoga
wellbeing session
creative session
sound journey

gentle flow yoga
wellbeing session
intuitive card reading
restorative yoga and healing reiki

group walk
cacao ritual
closing circle
departure 2.00pm


Between each of our activities there will be free time for you to read, rest,
take walks, drink tea, connect with others or chat to Claire and Kerry.
Our desire is that you feel a sense of spaciousness within the container of being held.

The Circles and Sessions

Opening and Closing Circles

Our circles are a soft place to land. Come as you are, let go of what’s weighing you down and be lovingly held in genuine care by Claire and Kerry. You’ll enjoy cup-filling connection within these heart-opening gatherings.

Wellbeing Sessions, Intuitive Guidance Card Session and Cacao Ritual

Claire and Kerry bring their expertise as Energy Coach and Life Coach respectively to these specialised sessions. They will empower you with accessible ways you can support yourself beyond the retreat. They are designed to deepen your self-connection and you’ll leave them inspired.

Creative Session

Creativity and play is an important aspect of living a contented life. This fun workshop is designed to feel light and joy-filled and will boost your sense of community and connection with the other beautiful participants.

Sound Journey

Delivered by two highly experienced and sought after sound healers, this will be like nothing else you’ve experienced before. Using a variety of instruments including a Gong, Medicine Drums, Didgeridoo, Native American Flutes, Shruti Box, Crystal Bowls, Ocean Drum & Chimes, you will be taken on a harmonic experience that permeates your entire being.

 Imagine this…
~ a weekend just for YOU ~
~ nobody to take care of ~
~ nothing you’re obliged to do ~
~ you can release your responsibilities ~
~ and let us do everything for you ~

Your Facilitators

Claire Tait

As a Kinesiologist, Reiki master and yoga teacher I think that Energy coach is probably a good umbrella term for my work. Outside of these I love to spend time with my family and friends, enjoying great food and wine, yoga, a good gym session and being outside in nature.  I have a deep appreciation for the simple things in life and this makes it easy for me to live in gratitude every single day.

I’m a great believer that our bodies are simply vessels for our souls which is why the energy of our thoughts, lineage, feelings, words, choices, ancestry etc is central to the work I do with my clients. 

No matter whether I’m in 1-1 sessions, running day and residential retreats or teaching yoga, my guiding light is to remind clients of their innate magnificence. You can learn more about me here.

Kinesiologist / Chakras / Spiritual Energy / Natural Therapy / Kinesiology / Claire Tait / North Sydney

Kerry Solomon

I’m an award nominated life coach and highly experienced yoga teacher and retreat facilitator. My passion is supporting women to know they are whole, worthy and wise, and so deserving of lives that light them up. After facilitating 16 retreats I can say my favourite thing about them is seeing how participants feel deeply replenished and reconnected to themselves in a way they haven’t been for a while. Their time away serves as a beautiful reset, reminding them that they matter, their needs matter and their rest matters. If you’d like to learn more about me, please go here.


Kind Words from previous Retreaters

“This was such a beautiful break from life, where we got to just relax and feel comfortable with slowing down and taking the time out to replenish our souls. Where we got to make new connections with like-minded women and enjoyed many different stories and lots of laughs. Claire & Kerry made us feel valued, nurtured, heard and supported the entire time. There was no pressure to take part in every planned session but you didn’t want to miss a moment of learning from these two talented space holders. Sage Manor was absolutely stunning and the food provided by Kylie & Jason was superb! You couldn’t help but leave feeling nourished from the inside out.” Andrea Harrison

“If you want an unbelievable time to put yourself first, connect with others and experience self-care and relaxation and work on yourself, then this is the retreat for you!” Lisa Fendel 

“I enjoyed the weekend very much! It met my expectations for relaxing, forgetting about life’s daily responsibilities and resetting for positive change on returning to the ‘everyday’ world.” Andrea McDonnell

The Yoga

All of the movement practices have been thoughtfully designed to weave in, compliment and embody the retreat’s theme.
All levels of experience and ability will be catered for.  Yoga props will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra

In this session Claire will guide you through a wonderfully nourishing floor based practice that will create space for softening and releasing through your body, mind and breath. This sublime session will conclude with a Yoga Nidra Meditation led by Kerry which will encourage a dreamy state of restfulness.

Restorative Yoga and Reiki

This session will open you up to experiencing new levels of ease and peace. Kerry will guide you into resting poses using blankets and bolsters to ensure a complete sense of comfort. As you drop into stillness and serenity Claire will use the ancient Tibetan modality of Reiki to send healing energy to each person in the room. You’ll float off your mat in a bubble of warmth and tranquillity.

Gentle Flow

The morning yoga practices have been designed to suit all levels of ability and experience, and will set you up for the day feeling both anchored and elevated. 

The Venue

Our cocoon for the weekend is Sage Manor Bowral, a gorgeous property set in a private leafy enclave at the base of Mount Gibraltar. The spacious, comfortable and beautifully appointed house and cottage offer a charming, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The stunning established gardens are filled with trees, seating areas and paths to explore. The homestead comprises of twin share and single rooms with hotel premium quality beds, luxury linen and towelling. Whether you’re enjoying a session in the conservatory, exploring the surrounding nature, gathering at the communal dining table or cosying up on a deck with a cup of tea, you’ll find many spaces to experience tranquillity.

The Food

Claire and Kerry understand the joy and importance of delicious and nourishing food. Alongside their excellent chefs, a menu is chosen that brings this element of nurturing to life. You can expect an abundance (you won’t go hungry!) of sensational and seasonally inspired plant based meals that will have you feeling very loved up and looked after. If you have any specific dietary requirements they will be catered for.

This weekend has been lovingly designed to offer you all the pleasures of a great retreat – delicious food, nourishing practices, beautiful accommodation and peaceful surroundings.  On top of these wonderful delights, Claire and Kerry bring decades of experience and a harmonious blend of healing modalities to ensure that you are held in the most gentle and nurturing of ways.  With numbers limited, you will receive personal attention, guidance, support and care throughout this special weekend.

The Details

 Dates   Thursday 5 September – Sunday 8 September 2024
Venue  Sage Manor Bowral
7 Ellen St, Bowral NSW 2576

Accommodation and Pricing
Twin Share Rooms
$1600 per person sharing paid in full
OR pay 3 instalments of $550

Single Rooms * SOLD OUT

Your retreat will include:

~ 4 Days and 3 nights in beautiful accommodation surrounded by nature
~ hotel premium beds with luxurious linen and towelling provided
~ an abundance of freshly prepared delicious plant based breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks throughout the extended weekend
~ luxury bedding and towelling
~ vittoria pod coffee machine and a selection of organic teas
~ an opening and closing circle for connection and community
~ 4 yoga practices to soothe, centre and calm
~ mindful walk to connect with nature
~ 2 well-being sessions to inspire and empower
~ creative session for joy and play
~ guidance card session to engage inner wisdom
~ reiki for balance and healing
~ yoga nidra meditation for relaxation and peace
~ sound bath experience for deep serenity and healing
~ cacao ritual on the last day to imbue gratitude and nourishment
~ as much white space as you need
~ a high level of personalised care from Claire and Kerry

And many other touch points and surprises that will contribute to you feeling nourished and nurtured.

Are you ready to gift yourself a weekend of deep replenishment?

Kerry and I would be delighted to have you join us for this very special retreat.