Winter Solstice Retreat

A Special Day Retreat for You

Winter Solstice Retreat


A Special Day Retreat for You

A beautiful day retreat curated especially for you… here is your opportunity to disconnect from distractions and enjoy some quality me-time. Gentle targeted movement, self-inquiry, meditation, breathwork, creative clay play and sound healing all rolled in to one day so you can prioritise yourself.

Winter is a time of stillness, resting and turning inwards. By the time we reach the Winter solstice we will be having our longest nights and shortest days, it is the most Yin time of the year.

Gift yourself  this whole day on retreat with Kinesiologist, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, Claire Tait, so that you too can take some deep rest, be nurtured and come back to yourself.

Step away from the busyness of daily life, unwind and take a deep sigh out; this is what Nature is demonstrating in Winter.



All the Details

Time and Place

Saturday 24th June, 10am – 4.30pm

Akasa Wellness Centre, 24 Park Street, Mona Vale, NSW

What to expect

* A deeply nurturing Yin Yoga practice; no experience needed, all props provided, trauma aware and informed

* Whole food, plant based, delicious Lunch and Afternoon tea by the phenomenal chef, Tenielle Evans of Vegan Weddings and Events

* Breathwork and Meditation

* Journalling specific to beliefs, practices and habits that you would like to leave behind in Winter as you journey into Spring. Is there any aspect of your life that you would like to experience transformation in?

* Clay Play to consolidate what you explored and discovered in your journalling

* Sound Healing Bath from the magnificent Stef of Sounds of Serenity

What to bring

* Wear loose comfy clothes that you can move in

* Bring your yoga mat, bolster and blanket if you have them. Not to worry if you don’t as the venue does

* Your favourite journal and pen for our journalling session

What previous Day Retreaters said

“I loved that I could spend the time focusing on myself for a day. I loved everything about it – the yoga, meditation, delicious food. Wonderful ambiance. I’ll be back.”

“For me the Yin yoga was perfect for my health issues but I also enjoyed the Hatha yoga as well. The food was delicious and it was a lovely group of ladies. The teacher was great too! All my expectations were met for sure.”

“The whole day was the absolute best! The yoga was fantastic and the meditation was powerful – I didn’t know I had that many “warriors” inside me. The food was amazing. Thank you dear Claire”

“Claire, the day was brilliant and perfectly planned. Excellent location, nice and relaxed vibe. Yoga was fantastic, I really enjoyed both styles. The meditation was very worthwhile, as was the journalling which I’ve never done before. The day was perfect, I really loved all the components, thank you so much!”

“My best parts of the day were the meditation, yin yoga and learning about acupressure and meridians. Your weaving all the different components together; yoga, meditation and journalling was amazing. The food was also amazing, I felt so healthy and nourished.”

“It was brilliant to not feel rushed for once. The day had a perfect flow of content and mix of activities. The food and venue were brilliant. Thank you!”

“I loved everything about the day, it was so nurturing”

“Dear Claire, thank you for the love and attention you’ve put into creating this wonderful nurturing day. I loved the spaciousness that your yoga provides. My cup overfloweth, thank you.”

“Thank you for an amazing day, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so relaxing and I feel very in-tune with myself. Beautiful food.”

“Thank you so much for the peaceful and relaxing day. It felt beautifully nurturing – for the body and soul. When is the weekend retreat?! Because I’ll be there!”

“I’ve never done anything like this before, it was so relaxing and peaceful, thank you.”

“Thank you Claire for another wonderful day. Everything was fabulous.”

“Amazing energy, warm and caring. Thank you, I highly recommend this retreat.”

“Today’s retreat gave me the opportunity to hand over the reins of my self care, to be guided, nurtured and replenished. Thank you beautiful Claire.”

“Nature remembers what humans have forgotten:

Every cycle must return to silence, stillness, the dark

Every out breath requires an in breath

Every outer endevour turns back inward to it’s origin, it’s centre, and begins again

From death comes new life and from the darkest night a new dawn is born”

As a Kinesiologist and TCM practitioner I weave my knowledge of meridians into all practices. Winter aligns with the Water element, and together with the Kidney and Bladder meridians we will work to stimulate and move stagnant energy in these meridians in your Yin yoga practise. In addition, as a yoga teacher and an energetic and spiritual practitioner I will layer philosophical and spiritual insights to encourage self-reflection and personal growth.