Work With Me

If you’re feeling unfulfilled – that you’re supposed to be doing more with your life but you seem stuck in place with endless challenges coming your way, I would love to help you clear the blockages and reconnect with your own true north.

Work With Me

If you’re feeling unfulfilled – that you’re supposed to be doing more with your life but you seem stuck in place with endless challenges coming your way, I would love to help you clear the blockages and reconnect with your own true north.

My purpose is to guide and align you to your vision of a perfect life, and to help you truly claim that vision with confidence and belief, cementing it into your very being.

Using muscle monitoring, which can be conducted online or in person, we tap into what’s happening for you – the messages your body is trying to tell you, and the internal blocks that are standing in your way. Together, we uncover the steps for you to move towards your vision.

One-on-One Kinesiology sessions

Do any of these feel like you?

    • stuck
    • fearful
    • unmotivated
    • burnt out
    • no confidence in yourself
    • overwhelmed
    • stuck in perfectionism
    • procrastinator
    • disconnected from yourself
    • unable to trust yourself
    • disempowered
    • lack clarity
    • comparing yourself to others

    If you’re ready to stop feeling this way, then I may just be the Kinesiologist for you.

    Let’s work together so we can delve beneath the surface layers to find the source of the energetic blocks keeping you stuck in that holding pattern. You will leave your session with an understanding of your specific patterns and blocks and how they’re impacting your life. I also give you some homework, or soul play as I like to call it, to continue on at home as this supports your ongoing energetic change between sessions.

    Depending on your individual needs, I will draw upon multiple modalities to support your energetic wellbeing. These can include: acupressure, energetic or flower essences, acupoint clearing, meridian clearing, chakra clearing, breathwork, emotional stress release techniques, visualisation and breath work, age regression, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), sound therapy, colour therapy, neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflexes, reiki and yoga poses.

    Everyone is different, so I generally recommend 3 – 6 sessions to bring yourself back into energetic alignment. Sessions run for an hour and can be delivered online, or in my clinic in Brookvale, Sydney.

    Cancellation Policy

    Please allow 24-hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your booking. Your online booking confirmation email has a section which allows you to do both. Failure to do so will result in the full charge for the session. I hope you understand and value my time.

    Meridian Mindset Mastermind

    Clear the way for your success by aligning your business strategy and ambitions with your energetic body in the Meridian Mindset Mastermind.

    This 3-month program will help you unblock the challenges in your path by regularly releasing energetic and mindset blocks as they arise. By sustaining your energetic focus, you can prevent those ‘mindset wobbles’ from becoming a downward spiral.

    Build consistent momentum and growth in your business by focusing on your energetic body and strategy with a group of women in business ready to cheer for your success.

    Together, we will expand your capacity to receive, build your internal resilience, and consistently align your energy to your vision and aspirations.

    The Mastermind Includes:

    • One individual kinesiology session with me each month (so a total of 3 individual sessions)
    • 45-minute group mastermind call on all other weeks of the month, which will includes group kinesiology (9 sessions)
    • Maximum 8 members to ensure small-group focus and attention
    • Private FB Group for support, discussion and additional resources

    Your commitment

    Sustained focus on your energetic health is a long-term pledge and all participants are required to commit for the full three-month period. With this commitment to the Meridian Mindset Mastermind and your energetic health, we can achieve deeper and longer- lasting results.

    8-minute Meridian Workout

    Need an energetic shift – but short on time? My 8-minute Meridian Workout is the perfect way to keep your energy flowing at home. 

    Struggling with confidence, self-esteem, motivation or generally lacking that sense of contentment? Blocked meridians could be part of the problem.

    As a Kinesiologist who works with meridians on a daily basis, I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your meridians flowing and unblocked!

    Think of your meridians as the energy distribution network for your body – an energy highway, so to speak. When you’re driving on a highway, you don’t want traffic jams and accidents. In the same way, you don’t want jams and blockages slowing your energetic flow.

    Testimonial: “I love this daily workout. It’s easy to do and Claire’s instructions are easy to follow. The best part is it only takes 8 minutes” Kate Hubert

    Testimonial: “For a while I have been struggling to create space for a consistent exercise ritual (note, not routine or program as that sounds way too regulatory and I think I am now in a different place when it comes to movement.) It needed to fit in with life, it needed to feel nourishing and it needed to energise – so I am having a complete reset and signed up for Claire Tait Kinesiologist’s Meridian Workout. It has been 3 mornings now (I’m well on my way to making this a habit) and I take my yoga mat outside to greet the day, pop on some Zen music, do my meridian moving meditation and add 3 of my own sun salutation sequences – it feels delightful, my body is feeling a little shaken up, like a snowglobe, but I know as the pieces fall and settle there is going to be balance. Claire has taken immense care to demonstrate and provides supportive, beautifully illustrated guides and it is meant to take only 8 minutes… but I am finding myself pausing and lingering in the moment just a little longer. This I think is going to be a beautiful beginning and foundation for my every day.” Giselle Perry

    The 8-minute Meridian Workout is simple, doesn’t require any special equipment and takes just 8 minutes. And we’ve all got 8 minutes!

    You will receive the workout on video, along with a handout. The handout has a page for each meridian with a picture of the position and flow of the meridian and step-by-step instructions for the movement which will actually stimulate the meridian.

    The perfect way to start your day, this 8-Minute Meridian Workout allows you to consciously activate of your energetic body.

    Testimonial: “I really wanted to move each day but I was struggling to make time. I love the idea of working energetically at the same time and Claire’s Meridian Workout is the perfect combination. I love the little handout which shows the meridian lines we are activating. My husband has now also joined me in my 8 minute meridian workout each morning. Thank you Claire” Penny Davis

    PS. If you do yoga then you don’t need to do the workout on the days you do a yoga session as yoga is another fantastic way to stimulate chi flow in your meridians.


    In addition to being a Kinesiologist I am also a Yoga teacher. I have a deep love for yoga and its transformational benefits, I find it to be the perfect combination of movement and breath-work with an energetic and spiritual essence. The TCM aspects of Kinesiology weave effortlessly with Vedic philosophy, providing a deep understanding that we are way more than the physical shells of our bodies.

    The styles of yoga I both practice and teach are vinyasa/flow and Yin

    Yoga truly is for every body and I aim to meet each person exactly where they are on their yoga journey. There are truly no boundaries in terms of ability, experience or age.

    I offer private yoga sessions where I come to your home for 1-1 sessions or family group sessions.

    I also offer group events such as sessions for corporates, sports clubs, retreats, personal development events and hens parties.

    Please contact me for further details in terms of pricing and availability.