About Claire

About Claire

Like everyone walking our beautiful Mother Earth I am an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human existence (as Wayne Dyer says).

I am a Holistic Kinesiologist accredited with the ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), a Reiki Master (with lineage to Dr Mikao Usui), a Yoga teacher, an Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner amongst other things. 

When I’m not working with clients online or in my clinic on Sydney’s northern beaches, I love to spend time with family and friends, enjoying great food and wine, yoga, a good gym session, animals and nature, acts of kindness and the appreciation of all the simple things in life. I try to live in gratitude every day.

Whenever I am faced with problems or challenges I ask myself “What would Love do?”

If you’re ready to release the things holding you back in life and to step into a space of joy, empowerment and alignment, I so look forward to helping you on your journey!

"I had never experienced kinesiology before, and was feeling stuck in my business which is why I decided to book a session. Claire is not only an expert but also very compassionate and easy to work with. She explained everything in a way that I could understand without feeling overwhelmed. I now have renewed energy for my business and new clients appeared within a few days of our session together!”

Kim Stone

"I booked a session with Claire as she had been recommended by a friend as a practitioner who is excellent at working on deep-seated issues. 
I had a fabulous Skype session with Claire: she is a warm, intuitive and empathetic practitioner and we had an instant connection. Claire explains everything about her practice and she homed right in on what has been blocking me and causing problems. The effects of the session have stayed with me and I have felt freer and less weighed down by past issues. Claire draws on a rich tradition to provide just the right nuanced modality that is grounded in a kind and supportive approach"

Felicity Griffin

“I had my first session with Claire yesterday and it was truly amazing. It was personal development and self care in the most easeful and efficient way and I felt so empowered afterwards. Cannot wait to see you again Claire xx”

Jodie Thornton

“Claire is THE Specialist Kinesiologist! Our work together has shaped the successful completion of my book and I feel fabulous”

Bev Roberts

"Huge gratitude and love to Claire Tait for an INCREDIBLE kinesiology session I had with her recently. Our session was a powerful way to begin my working year and two weeks later, the insights and transformations continue to unfold. Deep patterns, old patterns, my ways of viewing the world, ways of viewing myself - I can feel them all shifting, being cleared, allowing space for MORE, for what I really want. Amazing, powerful and transformational”

Isiah McKimmie Sexologist

“Claire Tait is such a joy to work with. She has supported me on so many levels. I am deeply grateful.”

Trish Everett

“A big thanks to Claire, who helped me say out loud for the first time in my life What I Want.... I think I was thinking too small before…."

Audrey Mooney Plate

"I love that Claire explains everything in detail, and in language that I understand. I also love how holistic Claire’s approach is. My health is improving, I have more clarity around what’s causing some of my upper-limiting, my income is steadily growing and I feel a lot more energetically aligned to my goals. I recommend Claire if you would like to understand what’s happening, and also if you’re looking to work with someone who can support you not only with her energetic work, but also with practical strategies that you can also implement. I think this has fast-tracked my results and so if anyone was wanting to do the same and take an active part in their own healing and momentum, I think Claire is the BEST for this. Claire is giving, gentle, understanding, and fun to work with. Her experience means she gets to the root of the issue quickly, but she also takes time to explore tangents that may support and complement the process. ”

Natasha Corbin

“Every session I have with Claire is powerful and at the same time really nurturing. No matter whats going on she gets to the root cause. Claire gives so much and holds such a beautiful space for you and I highly recommend gifting yourself some time with this amazing lady. I purchased a few sessions in one go and use them whenever I feel I need some additional support. I always get way more than I expect from every session. Thank you, Claire, you beautiful soul I am so grateful to have you on my support team”

Jo Bendle

“A session with Claire Tait is a 'must have'! I have worked with her for the past 12 months and she has really helped me attain calm and more mastery over some of my most stubborn blocks (and I've been a healer for 10 years!) She came to me highly recommended by Tash Corbin and several other women I admire - and I was a little nervous - because I have done a lot of work on myself and wasn't sure she would be able to help. But I had no reason to be!! Claire Tait is gorgeous, insightful and I have shifted sooo much with her- she has really helped me shift one of my old childhood traumas that I was making no headway with - and I have manifested some serious magic after her sessions!! Now I recommend her to my clients - and just feel so blessed to have discovered her! So if you have got something you really are having trouble shifting in your life - definitely get a session with Claire!”

Sal Jade

“I happened to find Claire online and I am beyond grateful that I did. Claire has done more for me in the past few sessions that I have been seeing her, than any Western medicine has in over 5 years. Every time I leave Claire after a session I feel so much calmer, happier and more in control of my life. She is professional, so caring and has a way that allows you to talk about anything you need because you can trust her implicitly. Both my husband and daughter have since been to her as well. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Ashley Middleton Longstaff

“What a great experience seeing Claire for a Kinesiology balance online. I absolutely loved it and was so intrigued. It blew me away how she was able to connect and reflect on what was happening with me and my body at that time. I definitely recommend trying it out, you are in very good hands.”

Steph Herscovitz

“Without hesitation I would recommend a Kinesiology session with Claire. She is warm, supportive and nurturing as well as being thorough in revealing what was driving a long held blockage of mine. With a combination of energy work, essences and exercises recommended by Claire as a result of my sessions, I felt the blocks dissolve and more flow and joy enter my life.”

Kathryn Eyre

“After just two sessions with Claire, she identified a major blockage in my life that was significantly affecting my wellbeing. As soon as we identified the blockage, an amazing opportunity opened up to me so I could change my current circumstance into a new, more nurturing, fun and fulfilling one. I loved my sessions with Claire. She is so insightful, warm and generous. I'm so grateful to have found her as it gives me such comfort to know that whenever I get a new block in my life I can always see her to help work through it.”

Joanne Kennedy

“I had a Skype session with Claire and to be honest I was a little skeptical to see if the Kinesiolgy could be tapped into over thousands of kms distance. Claire was amazing and really tapped into what I was feeling and helped me recognise some big blocks and how to shift them! Thanks so much Claire x”

Jess Crawford

“I love my sessions with Claire. She is such a warm and generous person and a knowledgeable and passionate practitioner. She uses her passion of kinesiology to energetically balance your meridians and bring your body back into alignment. Her gentle but powerful approach has been so beneficial for my wellbeing. Thank you lovely Claire.”

Judy Newbery